With the aim of providing turnkey solutions to the power generation industry, we incorporate expertise in best transmission infrastructural services for the units involved in power generation.
Ahead Group is a Ahead promoted company, established for setting up Solar PV, Wind Power projects in India.
With current operation in major parts of the company has presence in key locations in the country.

Solar Power

Transmission And Distribution
Division Includes

AHEAD is a solar power company providing solutions for both thermal and photovoltaic technologies. Today AHEAD has developed capabilities for developing, constructing, and operating MW scale power projects. While AHEAD owns and operates solar power projects, it also provides Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services to other solar power developers as well.

We provide services in

Solar Thermal

Ahead is one of the few companies that offers solar thermal power solutions. With Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants set to become competitive vis-à-vis conventional power plants in the coming future, we foresee a dominant role for CSP technology in solar power. Technology We develop utility-scale solar thermal projects. This covers pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, engineering design.

EPC Services

Ahead provides Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services for PV and CSP power projects. Ahead has a highly experienced and dedicated EPC team for end-to-end project execution. The integrated services include Engineering design Equipment supply and Civil construction Erection and commissioning Hand-over after successful commissioning Operations & Maintenance. Our Capabilities.

Harnessing the Power of Sun

Ahead is a solar power company providing solutions for both thermal and photovoltaic technologies. Today Ahead has developed capabilities for developing, constructing, and operating MW scale power projects. While Ahead owns and operates solar power projects, it also provides Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services to other solar power developers as well.

Solar Photovoltaic

We design and implement photovoltaic solutions for a range of applications. These include large power projects integrated with grid networks. Solar Photovoltaic Partnering with the best We have a tie-up with First Solar, world’s largest solar module manufacturing company, Our photovoltaic technology is cutting edge and yet economically viable.
Solar PV (Photovoltaic) panels incorporate cells that convert sunlight into electricity. The panels we install capture the sun’s rays and create a direct electrical current (DC), which is then converted by an Inverter to an alternating current (AC). This alternating current is exactly the same as the mains supply in your home that comes from your electrical supplier.

Transmission And Distribution Division Incluides


Technological advances and existing technologies are being used not only to increase efficiency and reliability, but also to give the consumers the best service at the best price. With Deregulation, competition, energy trading, Mergers and Acquisitions and other economic, Technological and Regulatory changes sweeping the Industry of Energy across the country, ahead as your business partner will help in building out your Transmission and Distribution infrastructure that enables the operation of the systems seamlessly.


Exponent provides multi-disciplinary expertise and rapid response to assist electric utility clients with technical and managerial support services, often in extremely short time frames. Our consultants cover engineering, construction, environmental, risk, and health disciplines. Exponent offers its electric utility clients the following: Proven experience on high-profile projects Current, in-depth functional knowledge of engineering fundamentals: electrical, structural, metallurgical, chemical, environmental, and others Convergence of our skills in risk, reliability, and vulnerability analyses Operational knowledge of the electric transmission and distribution industry, from construction to O&M to public health and environmental risk management Exponent’s engineering services address the electric utility industry’s needs for design, construction, failure analysis, repair, and retrofit, with a focus on: 

Wind Power

Wind energy is a dynamic if invisible resource—the energy available in a moving mass of air. From grain grinding by simple wind-driven machines in ancient cultures to modern electricity-generating devices, the wind has been tapped to work for us.Wind is a cubic energy resource. As the wind speed increases, the power available increases cubically. This means that it’s very important to get into higher wind speeds, and the way we do that is with taller towers. Regardless of the turbine or tower type, going higher is the tried-and-true, reliable way to increase performance in a wind generator. And the most common mistake in wind electricity is installing a turbine on a short tower.

Why Use Wind Power?

People choose to use wind energy for a variety of reasons, including perhaps the most important one—they want to! More specific motivations include environmental, financial, independence, reliability, and social.

Energy and our energy choices have a huge impact on our physical environment. More than half of the electricity used in the United States is generated by burning coal. This coal is sourced by strip mining, pit mining, shaft mining, and mountaintop removal. All of these methods of extraction, and the burning of coal, have a deleterious effect on the ground, water, and air, not to mention the health of workers and nearby residents. Other major sources of electricity nationally are natural gas and nuclear energy, both of which have environmental damage and risk involved in fuel extraction and use.

How Can a Small Wind Turbine Help on Your Site?

Analysis of potential renewable energy resources (RES) is crucial to the success of any system. Professional evaluation consisting of solar data analysis and careful wind modeling and/or field analysis is paramount. Assessing a potential project with quality data and site details will result in reasonable performance estimates. The granularity of the data source is key. For wind, field measurements for every location are not practical, so it is important to use quality data based on the most scientific wind modeling technologies.

Ahead Windpower offers comprehensive performance modeling and financial analysis to partners in the telecom sector. Ahead Windpower will analyze renewable energy potential, configure an optimum system, and estimate return on investment (ROI) for any site worldwide.

Turbine Driven Wind Power

Wind power is the conversion of wind energy by wind turbines into a useful form, such as electricity or mechanical energy. A wind farm installed on agricultural land has one of the lowest environmental impacts of all energy sources. Historically wind power has been used directly to convert into mechanical energy for pumping water or grinding grain, however, today the main application of wind energy is to produce electricity. Large-scale wind farms are typically connected to the local power transmission network with small turbines are used to provide electricity to isolated areas. Residential units are entering production and are are capable of powering large appliances to entire houses depending on the size. Rooftop units are becoming increasingly popular and are commonly found on self-sustaining sailboats. Utility companies are increasingly encouraged to buy surplus electricity produced by small domestic wind turbines, with new wind farms cropping up all over the world. Wind power as an energy source is favored by many environmentalists as an alternative to fossil fuels, as it is abundant, clean, renewable, has a wide distribution, and produces lower emissions of greenhouse gases.