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RF, MW LOS Survey and Network Audit


  • Collect list of Nominals to be surveyed from the customer. In case of new town surveys where Nominals are not provided, we will survey the town and provide a nominal for suitable site location.
  • Use the survey report template forwarded by the customer.
  • Identify physical location of the proposed nominal and locate 3 candidate sites (maximum) for each nominal, as per search ring size suggested by the customer.
  • Survey the site for RF suitability.
  • Record Latitude and Longitude, building height etc. of the proposed candidate sites.
  • Estimate and provide required GSM Antenna heights and orientation, proposed tower / pole location (s) will also be marked on a rough sketch of the building (rooftop) or ground site (for each candidate site).
  • Take site photographs (360 degrees panoramic view and building / site elevation) for each candidate site as given in the survey template.
  • Record physical addresses of the candidate sites and site owner contact details (where available).
  • Complete the Site Survey Candidate site evaluation report as per the format given by you.


  • Collect Nominals of proposed site and those of nearest location to which customer proposes the LOS connectivity & Verification.
  • Record latitude, longitude, building data, obstruction data and surrounding terrain data on the LOS Survey template.
  • Generate LOS Path Profile for the proposed Link using Path Loss 4.0 .
  • Generate LOS report for the proposed Link using Path Loss 4.0.Conduct physical survey of the hop to identify any field obstructions and verify the LOS path profile.


We offers Network Audit services that aim at gathering data on end-to-end characteristics of the Network, benchmark Network performance with known standards and recommend a course of action to trouble shoot and improve Network performance.

Objectives of our Network Audit :-
  • Network characterization and assessment
  • Comparison of measured data with data on similar systems
  • Recommendation of possible course of action and Network modifications
  • Compilation of Network data for Network expansion, operations and maintenance

Our systems professionals carry out audits, experiments and tests in the effervescent environment, construct empirical models from the collected statistical data, locate root causes and make suggestions wherever necessary.

A detailed report of the findings of the audits and analysis of the data is compiled and presented to customer's engineering team for initiating necessary corrective actions and proactive measures for future expansions.

Our Network Audit services include

  • Collect the data of the existing network from the customer.
  • Verify the data obtained with the site data on field.
  • Note the deviations if any and inform the customer through audit report.
  • Recommendation of possible course of action and Network modifications, if any for optimum performance of the network.
  • Compilation and update of Network data for Network expansion, operation and maintenance.