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KPI tells the performance of a network on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, which helps to improve the network, so that operator & customer both enjoys the service at its most.

Systems and Network Performance Analysis.
  • Network traffic, congestion
  • Service life of equipment
  • Bit error ratio (data, bits & elements transfer)
  • Bit rate (data, bits and elements transfer)
  • Downtime / Time out of service
  • Call completion ratio
  • Cost of operational systems
  • Average call length
  • Analysis of ASR routes
  • Idle time on network
  • Dropped calls
  • Grade of service

Quality / Usage (Airtime): Analysis of the volume of successful calls

  • Mean Opinion Score
  • Service
  • Duration of calls
  • Billed amount on each call


  • Land covered with services
  • Population covered with services
  • Average land unavailable to services
  • Average population unavailable to services
  • Access to customer service

Faults and complaints (Trouble tickets analysis)

  • Open and level of escalation priority required
  • Mean time to resolve
  • Work in progress
  • Customer service level statistics

Customer Analysis

  • Customer segmentation
  • Analysis of subscriptions
  • Top N customers