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Installation of BTS / MW Equipment

We are the leading service providers for BTS outdoor and indoor work including :
  • Fixing of cable ladder
  • Outdoor work consisting of fixing RF and Microwave antennas
  • Routing of cables
  • Clamping
  • Ground / Earthing
  • Alignment of Antenna as per specifications
  • Installation of Radio Base Station (RBS)
  • Installation of Transmission Rack
  • Grounding of equipments
  • Weather proofing
  • Extending, power cables, E1 cables, grounding cables to BTS
  • Installation of rectifier and battery bank
  • The antenna, the wave-guide locks, flexible wave guides to ensure reliable and proper RF connections.
  • The outdoor radio unit & antenna support arms
  • Alignment of Antenna of the link to achieve the required signal level
  • Integration and commissioning of the BTS with the BSC
  • Checking VSWR
  • Filling the check list and execution of quality audit