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EMF Measurement and Survey

EMF exposure has become a topic of concern for many people and is an active area of biophysical research. Scientific studies in recent years have shown an apparent correlation between exposure to elevated magnetic field levels and the risk of adverse health effects.

The same is true for radio frequency radiation from broadcast and cell phone towers. Significant controversy now exists over the degree of risk posed by this exposure, and the exact mechanisms of interaction by which electromagnetic fields may influence biological processes. Our services address this environmental health concern by providing measurement surveys, field reduction modalities.

Radio frequency and cell site surveys involve the use of isotropic broadband survey instruments, in compliance with established measurement protocols. This is supplemented with high sensitivity, directional equipment for source identification and extremely low level readings. Each EMF survey includes a full identification of the source or sources of elevated magnetic fields, radio frequency fields.

EMF Services

EMF Services provides electromagnetic field testing and remediation to clients, specializing in assessment of human exposure to non-ionizing radiation.

The fully documented reports that we furnish our clients are an important part of each survey, and provide a point of reference for understanding the significance of measurement data. Each report references applicable exposure standards and equipment interference thresholds. The ultimate goal of our surveys is to place you in a position to make a responsible and informed decision about the area under evaluation, and to understand the options available for field remediation.

EMF Services Include:
  • Providing compliance measurements for sites and workers
  • Developing required RF management plans for buildings
  • Identify RF restricted Areas where overexposures can occur

Health & Safety Compliance

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Department of Telecommunication (DoT) regulate the RF radiation exposure to occupational and the general public.This is especially important near cell towers and at building rooftops where building management and trades have work areas near cell antennas.If certain power levels are present, prepare a site-specific RF management plan for the building with general RF safety solutions.